OK, here's the story on the band's name!

It started with founder Stew Sell in San Diego, where he was able to get a group of faculty from USCD medical school to form a band called "Biorhythm".

Then Stew went on to Houston where he played in a band, founded by famous heart surgeon, Dr Denton Cooly, called the "Heart Beats".  After Dr Cooly left, the band was called "Jazz Medics".

When the Swing Docs first got together here in New York in 1998, Stew had sent an email to Albany Medical College faculty to find players. So many of the original members were AMC doctors, including our band director, Chairman of the Division of Orthopedics, Dr Rich Uhl. It was Dr Stan Glick (who, until his recent retirement, was Director of the Center for Neuropharmacology & Neuroscience at AMC) who suggested the name "Swing Docs".  Later on, the band added other players who worked in the medical field, and also many who were not doctors.

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The Saxophone Section

Alto 1: Dr Stewart Sell, Sr Scientist & Professor at Ordway Research Institute & Wadsworth Laboratory
Alto 2: Bonnie Gontier, X-ray Technician
Tenor 1: Dan Grider, Electrician
Tenor 2: Dana Yanulavich, Writer/Editor
Baritone Sax: Dr Rich Uhl, Director, Chairman of the Division of Orthopedics at Albany Med



lake george and swing docs July 2007 026.jpg

The Trumpet Section

Mark Eiser: Retired Band Director, current Ski Bum
Chris Alsdorf
Sid Zack
Marty Knowlton: Physician's Assistant
Joel Miller: Music Director



The Bone Section

Jeff Trowbridge: Accountant
Jack Speraw
Harmon Tunison
Bob Rostetter




rhythm collage.jpg

The Rhythm Section

Drums: Mark Silverbush
Drums: Christopher Uhl: 

Guitar: "Wild" Bill Alston: 
Piano: Steve Sokal
Bass Guitar: Jack Bastow
Female Vocalist: Tracy Teschka
: Retirement Publications Editor 
Male Vocalist: Ric DiDonato:
Graphic Designer/Web Programmer & "Lounge Lizard"